How is CBD Oil Extracted?

How is CBD Oil Extracted?

Safest and Most Effective Methods to Extract Potent CBD Oil

Below we’ll show you a list of methods on how to extract cbd oils;

1) Ethanol Extraction – Alcohol based on grains, that is graded at a premium level, can assist with creating a high quality cbd product. This type of cbd creates cbd oil that is perfect for vaping. However it’s known to break down essential nutrients that are beneficial to your health. Our products aren’t broken down by ethanol. We also don’t have any plans to use this method in the future.

2) C02 Extraction – When you use carbon dioxide under higher pressures, with a low temperature you can derive cbd from the hemp plant. The purity is maintained, and not as aggressive as ethanol. The benefit here is there isn’t any chlorophyll left over. The negative is the equipment to get started is very expensive and can set you back thousands of dollars.

c02 extraction cbd oil

3) Olive Oil Extraction – Extra virgin olive oil, can actually be used to extract CBD oil. Yes, it’s true and is easily the safest and most affordable method to extract CBD. The CBD stays rich and potent, and is also infused with olive oil. Olive oil has many health benefits, combine it with cbd and you are having one of the earth’s healthiest cocktails.

All of these methods above must be carefully executed. We recommend Olive Oil extraction if you’re a do it yourselfer who wants to try this at home. Be safe!

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