CBD with THC vs CBD without THC that is Hemp Based: Use and Legality

CBD with THC vs CBD without THC that is Hemp Based: Use and Legality

People often associate THC, CBD, and hemp with cannabis and thinking they are the same, but they are actually very different. Different plants can result in different extracts. Some of them are often used for recreational purposes while the other is used for medical benefits. So, let’s dig further into the facts of CBD with THC vs CBD without THC that is hemp based.

Basic Facts

Cannabis plants have their own varieties. They are Cannabis Indica (marijuana) and Cannabis Sativa (hemp). As you see from this fact alone, hemp and marijuana are different. When extracted, Cannabis Indica results in THC. It is a compound having a high level of psychoactive substance that can make people high. That’s why marijuana is often used for recreational purposes. On the other hand, when Cannabis Sativa is extracted, the result is CBD. It is a compound with very low (almost zero) THC level. Because it doesn’t have any THC, it can’t make you high. CBD also contains healthy (and natural) substances that can be beneficial for health. That’s why hemp is often used for medical reasons.

From this alone, you can tell the clear difference between THC and CBD. Depending on your needs, you can decide which one you need the most. Do you need a substance for health reasons? If so CBD is exactly what you need.

hemp vs marijuana
Many people can be confused by the two different plants, which are often associated as one in the same. The diagram above shows the two differences of the hemp, and marijuana plant. Each having its own individual benefits towards usage.

The Legalized Substance

Right now, THC is being legalized – as long as it is being used for health reasons. More than 30 states in The United States have legalized the substance for health treatments. Naturally, the distribution and use are under careful guidance and monitoring.

Now, does it mean that CBD is also legal? Since THC has been legalized, you surely think that CDB is allowed too, right? But then again, the topic remains controversial. There are still different opinions about it. Some industries still refuse CBD-content ads for ethical reasons. FDA still has a mixed feelings about it. For them, CBD and related substances are risky because they aren’t backed up by their own scientific evidence. However many top universities have done studies and have reflected numerous times the amount of benefits you can gain from consuming CBD.

You have to admit that health cases with CBD alternative aren’t always 100% successful. There are cases where the patients don’t get any relief or solution at all. However, from most cases of CBD usage, more than 75% of them have a positive outcome.


So, what’s about CBD with THC vs CBD without THC that is hemp based? If you follow the legal regulations, CBD can contain THC but it should be less than 0.3%. So, what about CBD without THC? It is still beneficial for health reasons. After all, CBD has natural contents of anti-inflammatory and analgesic traits. It means that CBD without THC can still relieve pain and reduce inflammation.

In case you are interested in using the substance (CBD or THC), be sure to find out about its legality in your area. You should also do your own research about its benefits and downsides. Don’t forget to find trusted and licensed healthcare to help you with the administration and the observation.

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