The Use of CBD Oil in Cancer Treatment

The Use of CBD Oil in Cancer Treatment

Are CBD Oils Safe For Me?

An American researcher stated that cancer sufferers need the best CBD oil to treat the disease. Well, this is a very controversial statement but it can open up new opportunities in the field of cancer treatment. CBD oil is produced from hemp and cannabis plants. Yes, the same plant as marijuana. For years marijuana has been one of the research subjects in various fields including in the health sector. The content of CBD in marijuana and hemp is thought to be able to cure various diseases including cancer.

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How does it all work?

Cannabis contains cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahidrocannabinol (THC). When THC is connected to the cannabinoid CB1 or CB2 receptor on cancer cells, this causes an increase in ceramide synthesis which triggers apoptosis (cell death). Normal healthy cells do not produce ceramides even though there is THC in them, so they do not die together with cancer cells.

When ceramide accumulation occurs, the sphingolipid rheostat also increases, which causes an increase in the permeability of the mitochondrial membrane so that cytochrome C can exit the mitochondria. Cytochrome C is an important protein for energy synthesis. The release of cytochrome C from inside the mitochondria makes mitochondria unable to produce the energy needed by cells to live.

Therefore, cancer cell death is not caused by cytotoxic chemicals, but due to very small changes in the mitochondria (energy producers in each cell).

In addition, ceramide also causes genotoxic stress in the nucleus of cancer cells (nucleus) to produce the protein p53, which functions to disrupt calcium metabolism in the mitochondria.

Ceramides also interfere with the lysosome process in cells. Lysosomes are a digestive system of cells that function to nourish cells so that cells can carry out their functions. Ceramides and various other sphingolipids in marijuana actively inhibit various ways of cancer cells to live.

Pros and Cons

Although CBD and THC in marijuana are claimed to help treat cancer, some experts worry about the negative effects of THC on cancer patients. In general, the THC content in marijuana can have hallucinatory and addictive effects. This compound also places marijuana as a type of narcotics. Experts fear that cancer patients who get medical help using CBD oil will feel the negative effects of using the oil.
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Even though the use of CBD oil has the possibility to effect hallucinations and addiction, some others consider this part of the risk of treatment. They consider that treating someone’s dependence is much easier than treating cancer. More extreme, some say that the death rate due to the influence of marijuana is still much lower than the death rate of cancer patients. They also added that the majority of cancer sufferers will experience tremendous suffering for several years before finally dying. However, the use of best CBD oil in the treatment of cancer still requires further research so that its effectiveness can really be widely proven. The results of the study will also be used as a reference for making rules regarding the use of marijuana in the health sector.

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